Leseprobe Volume 1

Petra Mettke und Karin Mettke-Schröder

Michael. A dream destiny in diary sheets

™Gigabuch Michael Volume 1

Legend of Michael 1

Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, 2013

ISBN 978-3-848294-74-9

448 Seiten

Leseprobe aus dem ™Gigabuch Michael Volume 1

Leseprobe aus Michael. A dream destiny in diary sheets
™Gigabuch Michael Volume 1
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The night to March 23rd, 1993


In the night Michael yells, I have a look, frightened, but he sleeps peacefully. Apparently, he dreamt something. He still does and looks outrageously cute at the same time, when I quietly get out of bed and disappear in the bathroom. Before I go down for breakfast, I check on him again. In his sleep he looks like he immersed in unreal worlds, his breathing is regularly absent.

After breakfast I meet up with Hendrik in my office and the actual translation work starts. Unexpectedly fast the dream gets lost and does not return several times as usual. © PM


Tuesday, March 23rd, 1993


Your empathy may allow you deeper insights, but today it could be better if you consider carefully about what you want to talk.




The day starts – communicative with the radio.

Silky music and a lovely voice pronounces destinies.



“What will be, will be.

Do you know what will be?

Take care that you keep your life!”

What’s that to me? I accept the provocation!


Is the pun supposed to be decisive for fate?

Prophecy, question and advice in one!

Thousands of answers correspond to the possibilities.

The real answer lies in the wisdom,

only insights materialize to the coveted stone!


Man must make his own destiny,

Not far-away orbs, but the own strength of mind.

Macrocosm equals microcosm and is a balance,

neither authority nor a self-service store,

instead this parable has magical power.

The duality of fortune and misfortune remains an iron law,

but not the validity of the horoscope forecast.

Will auspicious horoscopes become lovely truth?


The truth is a balance:

Not for everybody! But neither just for a chosen one!

© 02-10-1991/KMS