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This book is dedicated to all those whose destiny winds on the debit-side of life balance. There are many deep reasons to become a viewer of life, but no necessity to waste it uselessly, ineffectively or even trivially. Dreams are cold comfort only if you don’t provide them with value yourself. And that you can train. Worlds in the head are regarded as really free, and the one who knows them can confirm that. Whoever wants to get to know it, come and follow me into a fantastic life, however, not only to share a strange dream with me, but to find suggestions to realize all wishes upon this earth at the reality level of dreams. If you have no time to dream substantially, never mind, dreams never die. However, the active rhythm of life which does not know any dreams, is lost faster, ends irretrievably or is interrupted at times. Sooner or later everybody will get to know the time for dreams, it’s only a question of the will, and then no breath that our merciful Mother Nature is willing to give us must be wasted in an unconscious nothingness. © PM


Petra Mettke und Karin Mettke-Schröder



A dream destiny in diary sheets

Gigabuch Michael Volume 1


Legend of Michael 1

Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, 2013

ISBN 978-3-732233-58-8

448 Seiten

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