Prospekt 4


Karin Mettke-Schröder, Petra Mettke/Trademark Gigabuch (engl.)/Prospekt 4/2007



Prospekt zum Projekt Net readings



Trademark Gigabuch


The reading-format with future

Prospect Net readings


7 pages


Da der Prospekt zur Markenanmeldung auch in den USA gebraucht wurde, wurde er übersetzt.




Leseprobe aus Trademark Gigabuch
Prospect Net readings The reading-format with future
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Leseprobe aus dem Prospekt


The reading-format with future


1. Definition:


The ™Gigabuch is a reading-format-application for internet users. It consists of three functional areas, the online-reading-book, the download-reading-units and the author's shop. The idea for a Gigabook-format orientates at the principles of the reading comfort.


2. The prototype


The prototype of a Gigabook is the ®Gigabuch Michael, which - as a mediagenic & literature-appropriate genre - has developed the futuregraphy. As a reading portal it consists of a functional area and the text area. It is the aim to realize the text as a virtual and multimedial book. In the conventional book edition already 10 of 16 vol-umes were published one by one. It is already unavail-able for a long time.